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Sunday, 4 January 2015

AS COOL AS CARA! // From freed supervillains saving America to sleazy murder in London Fields - it's the year and a bit (and probably forever) of Cara Delevingne; on Screen!


TULIP FEVER, LONDON FIELDS, KIDS IN LOVE, PAPER TOWNS, PAN, SUICIDE SQUAD . . I may only be reviewing Cara Delevingne movies in 2015 at SEAT at the BACK!

I think I've made the right choice. She's been the most promising actress of 2014 for me with The Face of an Angel; Michael Winterbottom's philosophical riff on the Amanda Knox murder trial. This wasn't the film to launch Cara's acting career into undisputed high rising perhaps; it was too downbeat and po-faced; what it did do was prove she could act with ease and had real charisma - the charisma of a rapidly-intoxicating cocktail with a riskier chipped edge around the rim of the glass. Themes in Face of an Angel were edgy, if resolutely sensible; but the cult-in-the-making likes of London Fields and Suicide Squad will sharpen the edge of that glass still further.
'Kids in Love' from first time feature length Brit director Chris Foggin has a swish title and a cocktail party full of rising stars: Will Poulter (star of the cult hit Son of Rambow and DiCaprio's latest The Revenant); Alma Jodorowsky (last seen in last year's sizzling; serious, Blue is the Warmest Colour) and hotly-tipped newcomer; Dorset-born Gala Gordon (with artistic London/ Argentinian parentage - her mother a London interior designer and her father a Buenos Aires artist). All set around the frantic lifestyle of London's most hip and horny - there's a real buzz around Kids in Love and Cara Delevingne's starring role means this young 22 year old London model and natural born actress (easy to spot, even through all the attention grabbing headlines) has a good chance of becoming one of the liveliest and most eclectic actresses we have; a kind of even further off-the-wall; older (a bit!) Chloë Moretz. That could be quite something! Also, with enough lurid headlines working in her favour to create a buzz of wild and abandoned controversy (that - despite some assertions to the contrary - we do need at least some of our most adored stars to have from time to time) we could be in for a wild ride.
ON SET: KIDS IN LOVE/source:Twitter
Already a voice (of 'Non Stop Pop DJ') in video game Grand Theft Auto 5, Delevingne will also soon be seen in the equally controversial (we hope!) upcoming adaptation of Martin Amis's supremely edgy and sleazy dart-through-the-skull murder (pre-determined) mystery - London Fields. Also starring Lily Cole, Johnny Depp, Billy Bob Thornton and Amber Heard as Nicola Six; I can't think of a movie I'm more looking forward to in the year ahead. Another newcomer - Mathew Cullen, directs.

Suicide Squad will be out in 2016, and is based on the comic book in which imprisoned supervillains (from Captain Boomerang and Deadshot to - later - Joker's Daughter) get released to go on black op missions for the US government; encountering superheroes from Batman to Superboy, should any go AWOL. The film adaptation is set to star, alongside Delevingne as Enchantress, Jared Leto as The Joker and Margot Robbie (also in the upcoming Tarzan) as Harley Quinn. Tough guy director David (Fury, End of Watch) Ayer directs. Is there a cult film any more perfect sounding than this? Well, perfect if they include the Yeti that made a guest appearance in the comics, that is!

Having already appeared in the critically acclaimed, London Film Festival-approved; The Face of an Angel as well as some acclaimed shorts including the Sky Arts Playhouse Presents episode 'Timeless' and Karl Lagerfeld's Coco Chanel film (alongside Geraldine Chaplin and Rupert Everett) - The Return, it's only right that Delevingne now has some of the most anticipated, hottest upcoming movies loading in the gun barrel and ready to fire. So here's to the next year and a bit (and probably forever) of ice cool Cara Delevingne; on screen! It's going to be one hell of a wild ride . . .  

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