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Sunday, 21 April 2013

'We 3'/ 'Os 3' (2011) ~ "a naughty, frisky little film" from Brazil will send you home desperate to buy a new toothbrush!

I was seduced by a very odd little fun movie called 'We 3' last night, shot in a refreshingly matter-of-fact and mock-realistic rush of excitement (innovative direction from Nando Olival - gets on with the job, snaps the chain between us and the screen, hurries past before you have time to doubt anything: trust everyone).

A group of friends (one girl; Camila, and two boys; Rafael and  Cazé) move in together just because they fancy the idea at the time; because the suggestion crops up in casual conversation. It's an abandoned office space they move in to, so the head office becomes the main bedroom, and the office corridor becomes another room in their 'apartment' (taking the idea of your workplace sometimes feeling like your home to new levels) where even a plastic water tower becomes a 'luxury' swimming pool to spend the days in. The three friends all agree not to have a relationship beyond friendship, but the understanding is they probably are; the three of them together. But even they deny this to each other - even when they all wake up in the same bed.
It's quite a naughty, frisky little film, with a melt-in-your-mouth cast (Juliana Schalch as Camila, Victor Mendes as Rafael and Gabriel Godoy as Cazé) all up for a good time to be had by everyone, but the naughty bits are more in the idea of it all or in what we don't know, and they choose to hide most to be glimpsed only through slatted office blinds. This suburban lustiness splashes into the surreal when the friends are signed up as part of a new reality show, filmed by CCTV cameras placed around their mock office/ home, the twist being that any product they use live will then be available to buy online. At first only a toothbrush gets sold. Then Camila decides to spice things up between the 'We 3' friends and the website crashes! Things will never be the same again.


Set in San Paolo, 'We 3' is an ace time Brazilian movie shot at frenzied but indulgent fast speed; the probable impulsive decision-making speed of real life - and is a true rude flash of cinematic oddness, well worth a secret look. It's not a film that comes with a big fanfare and may infuriate some with its quirky veins bulging with more tease, less T&A - but is well worth the price of a peek for an outstanding performance from Juliana Schalch as a female protagonist who seems to know all the answers to everything - but sure won't be telling! She's terrific: seductive and smiley, with eyes not just glinting (and boy do they glint!) but positively burning with uninhibited, wonderfully controlled (and controlling) passion. An actress to look out for, with a vengeance. By the end of this movie you may even wish that 'We 3' could be upgraded to 'Us 4'.

Words: Mark Gordon Palmer

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  1. She's terrific: seductive and smiley, with eyes not just glinting (and boy do they glint!) but positively burning with uninhibited, wonderfully controlled (and controlling) passion.

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