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Monday, 12 December 2011

November 28th, 2011. Ken Russell


I don't want you to go, I'm bored in this life without you, the world of film suddenly became a whole lot safer, sadly. I'm glad to say that at the recent BFI screening of the glorious, uncut, The Devils, Mark Kermode led a tribute to you and a spontaneous round of applause spewed forth, it lasted so long - we would have loved you to have been there on stage that night, to share your movie as it should be seen with your fans but the truth is, there was so such warmth towards you when you found yourself too unwell to attend, that showed how loved you were - how loved you are. Not a commodity, or a booking, or a guest appearance, not ever just that - you are, forever, part of us. Our Ken Russell. In that way, your life will never end, it lives on in your work... great artists never really die in the memory, you know that, and some of the greatest artists and composers that ever lived were immortalised by yourself in film. But I still wish that you were here to film the movie that needs to be made. The film of your life. It was a bloody great life, wasn't it?

words: mark gordon palmer

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